Automation of parking

Automation of parking


Automatic parking is an integral part of a modern residential complex.

The parking users’ requirements are simple: ensuring the safety of the car, convenient and fast travel to save personal time, and the availability of free spaces.

Hardware: Altium Designer, Solidworks, ernbedded C, RS-232, TCP, WebSockets, Bluetooth 4.0/5.0, GMS 2G/3g/LTE, FreeRTOS, Nodrio
Software: C/C++, JavaScript, Android, PostgreSQL TCP, HTTP/HTTP(s), GMS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0/5.0, Node.js Vue.js, AWS, Docker, Git, GitLab, SonarCube

What does the UHF system consist of?

ALN-9662 tags serving as vehicle identifiers.
Readers: — Vanch-VI-89F — made in a protected case for outdoor use; equipped with additional light indicators; — Vanch-86F — intended for use inside the parking lot, installed in such a way that the reader’s range covers the entire passage area.
NDC-F18 controller, to which readers are connected to control roller shutters and barriers.
UProx software for NDC-F18 controller. The software functionality allows you to quickly and conveniently enter new identifiers and bind the appropriate user to them.