An inventory of fixed assets (OS) was carried out once a year. At that moment, the plant completely stopped working for 2 months. A list of OS was printed from the accounting system. The employee identified the asset visually by the number printed on it. After the inventory, the accountant entered the data into the accounting system.
Some of the fixed assets did not have inventory numbers.
The inventory took up to two months.
Large number of staff were involved.
The data transfer process took long time.
The accounting system had irrelevant data on the OS.

Technologies — UHF long range


Automate the inventory process
Reduce the number of personnel and the influence of the human factor.
Increase the speed and accuracy of the inventory process.
Implement separate software for inventory and store all current OS data.
Update OS information (serial numbers, location).
Automate the process of moving and dumping the OS.


To implement the project, a solution was selected based on UHF RFID technology. This technology allows quick identification and inventory of OS both individually and in bulk.
System components:

RFID tags: 5 types for different surfaces
Handheld and desktop readers
Fast software: PC version and mobile app